Who can apply for a wholesale account?

We prefer that our retail partners have an actual storefront, but will take applications for traveling boutiques, and certain online only businesses please just give us more information about when and where the events are that you are setting up for and/or online presence (website, facebook, etc.) . It must be temporary, weekend-type events if setting up so not to interfere with our zip code protection rules. 


Are online only stores allowed?     

We will consider online only stores.  Please understand that may change in the near future. Please no Amazon, eBay, or Etsy stores.   If you have a storefront we welcome you to list our products on your website.  You must also adhere to the rules of pricing as stated in our policies.


What are your best sellers?

Our best sellers are definitely our Classic line.  All of our Leather scents are what built this candle business.  We always get rave reviews.  Leather, Leather & Lace and Saddle Shop are the top three.  Our newest scent, Southern Suede has also been a huge crowd pleaser.  If you aren’t into Leather scents, I would suggest Western Romance, Rustic Charm & Homestead.


Do you offer zip code protection?

We do offer zip code protection.  We like to keep our retail partnering stores at a minimum of 20 miles apart.  We will take special circumstances under consideration, such as chain stores, or current partners that move or open additional stores.


Can I request a custom scent for my shop?

We would love to make a custom scented candle for you! You can even pick the name! Please refer to our “Custom Order” tab for more information!


How fragrant are your candles and how long will they burn?

Rustic Charm Candles are known for their amazing phthalate-fragrances and we are complimented daily on scent throw and slow, even burn times.  We scent each and every batch of candles to the maximums allowed by their wax.  We use an American grown and produced, soy blend wax that has proven to be the best at scent throw.  Our cotton wicks are just that, cotton…no additives, no zinc.  They provide a nice even burn when lite and burned properly.  Please see the next question for more details on properly burning your candles.  Our wood/cotton wick combo candles are the same, but with a wonderful cracking sound.  The 12 oz. candles burn 50-60 hours and the 16 oz. up to 90 hours, again when burned correctly.